The High Fidelity Kingdom


“Nowadays we know the price of everything,
but the value of nothing”
Oscar Wilde

We have been fond, like you, of music and high fidelity since ever.

This is the reason why we have been collecting lots of audio devices, accurately selecting them, that is according to acoustic estimations, for thirty years among the most interesting things the hi-fi market might offer in the musicality field.

Here the idea of Atelier del Suono was born, that is a place which is the opposite of spoken high fidelity (such as in forums) or just because we heard about it. In fact, here it is possible to assemble a series of high end equipments to be listened to, comparing several audio/sound chains in a controlled situation within our listening rooms. In that way only, in fact, it is possible to verify on the field, meaning listening to them, the various inter-facings among pre, finals, cartridges tonarms, cables, record-players, CD converters and separate mechanics. We also have particular battery alimented appliances (such as pre-phone and CD mechanics at the state of art), knobs and 24 release transformers of toning down in permalloy and supermalloy, realized even according to our detailed list, which may be directly linked to a final power, skipping the traditional pre-amplifier.


Here you can find and compare the many high efficiency monoband diffusers as well as the 2-way ones built by the most prestigious brands (Altec, Audio Tekne, Klipsch, Redeko, Tannoy, Avantgarde Duo and so on). Besides, you will find a wide-band side speaker, In pneumatic suspension, with a very rare alnic biflex 38 cm component by Altec Lansing, endowed with a 98 db/W/metre efficiency (Upgrade by Atelier del Suono)..


At the Atelier del Suono you have the opportunity to test triode amplifiers with us, choosing among the most interesting typologies, 300B, single ended 2A3 and push pulls by various brands: Sun Audio, Audio Note, Audion. Besides, a whole series of Audio Tekne IT1-IT2 pre and final are available as well as some preamplifiers with phone phase state of art by Kyoaki Imai. In our largest hall you can listen to the ONGAKU, the Neiro Silver amplifier by Kondo, a 2A3 single ended parallel at the state of art, which was built in a very small number of models by the Japanese master around the mid-1990s and inserted in audio contests which fully exploit its sublime features.

Sala 2

Our passion for analogic is still unrelentless and our LPs store is witness of that (more than 15,000 available titles); therefore, we have 18 record-players, differently configurated with separate engines and fly-wheels – on air and mechanical – by Micro Seiki as well as other selected brands, a wide collection of arms (about 20), such as Fidelity Research FR64 – Dynavector 505 – SME 3012R, heads (about 30) and head-phone inter-face transformers of a high-end qualitative level from the transformer ART MC7 and MC8, Uesugi, Fidelity Research, Cotter, Denon, Ortofon, Grace, Supex, Shelter and Adiotecnica.

Sala 2

However, Atelier del Suono is above all a meeting place where you can exchange ideas and experiences. A comparison area where it may happen to meet journalists and directors from the sound magazines (Suono e FedeltÓ del Suono), we have been linked to for years by a relation-ship of friend-ship and esteem, since we have been sharing that passion together since ever.

See you soon.


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